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Does anybody know if there is a luggage storage at the airport of Dar es Salaam?  I am coming from Amsterdam and use KLM to Dar Es Salaam then next day to ZANZIBAR, I need storage because the small planes to Zanzibar don’t let you take much luggage,

I want to leave it somewhere.


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  1. I don’t think there is a left luggage storage in the Dar airport.

    However, since you’ll  be arriving on the KLM flight from Amsterdam, which arrives in Dar late at night. So you’ll need to stay overnight in Dar and catch a plane the next day.
    All the hotels will have luggage storage and they will keep it for you. I’ve done this many times and never had any difficulty. If you’re looking for an overnight hotel in Dar I typically use either the New Africa in the city center or I stay at the Transit lodge . Both these hotels will keep your excess luggage.

    I think you’ll be limited to 20kg per passenger on the flight to Zanzibar.

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