Things to Do in Dar Es Salaam


Things to Do in Dar Es Salam

1- St Joseph’s Cathedral

The gothic style Roman Cathedral church is residence to the Archbishop of Dar es Salaam. Note that the English mass is available on Sundays at 8:30 am and 11:00 am. Stop by this time to hear the choir and witness the amazing architecture.

2- Mbudya Island

Mbudya Island is an excellent way for visitors to enjoy the tranquility and escape the bustling city for a day trip. It is a rewarding experience to relax on the beautiful beaches, clear waters and magnificent seafood.

You can access the island through taking a short boat ride from many points along Dar es Salaam’s harbour.

Snorkeling and cabanas are available with an affordable price. Another option is that you can bring your own equipment for a day of rest.

3- Kivukoni Fish Market

The Kivukoni Fish Market is a great place for those who look for an authentic Dar es Salaam experience. Explore the combined business and cultures in a conventional Tanzanian setting. Take some amazing shoots of fishers while unloading their wares along the docks.

4- Coco Beach

Known as Oyster Bay, Coco beach is great for having tasty street food snacks, besides an occasional concert. It is located right on the Msasani Peninsula.

5- Mwenge Woodcarvers Market

You cannot go to Dar es Salaam without buying souvenirs for friends and family. Mwenge Woodcarvers Market displays various open-air stalls that sell a plenty of products. The market is marked by its sculptures and wood carvings.

Note: Take a look at more than one place before buying to know your options and try to bargain.

6- National Museum and House of Culture

The National Museum and House of Culture is for culture enthusiasts who look for an educational experience. The museum displays a range of pieces, from bones and fossils to statues and carvings. It also has a great collection of cars which belonged to Tanzania’s first president.

7- Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Located five hours north of Dar es Salaam, Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a perfect example for the adventurous travelers making a great weekend trip for hiking and discovering the wilderness.. The park has amazing views and local guides to help visitors.

8- Village Museum

Showcasing over a dozen of various types of traditional Tanzanian huts, the museum is a great interactive experience to learn more about rural Tanzania’s customs and traditions. Established in 1996, the museum is located approximately six miles north of the city centre. You can also enjoy dance and music performances, but for an extra price.

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