Tips for the Volunteer Coordinator


Those who coordinate and manage volunteers have a tricky task if they don’t have everything spelled out. It’s wise to create a job description that can be given to prospective volunteers so they know what they’re getting themselves into. Here are some tips for volunteer managers to make their jobs run more smoothly:


    1. #1. Be clear in the job description. If you spell everything out from the get-go, your volunteers will know what is expected, and you’ll have a better outcome. Include the hours expected, times to be there, dress code, and specific tasks.


    1. #2. Provide training. It’s frustrating and confusing to be given a job without any direction or training from the beginning. Offer ongoing training to volunteers who want to learn additional skills.


    1. #3. Be prepared to make corrections in a positive way. As with any job, people need training and corrections when they make mistakes. If you handle each situation with a smile and a helpful attitude, your volunteers will be happier than if you are harsh and say mean or hurtful things.


    1. #4. Pay attention. Always listen to what your volunteers have to say. You’ll learn new things every day because they each come to you from a different angle and unique skill set.


    1. #5. Allow for creativity. Your volunteers will enjoy having room to be creative while doing their jobs, and they’ll add more value to your cause.


    1. #6. Be grateful. As the volunteers work and accomplish tasks, give praise and thanks to them for offering their time and knowledge to the cause. Remember that they are there because they believe in the organization and have the desire to give back to the community.


    1. #7. Offer some additional benefits. You might have access to free tickets to plays or coupons for free meals at restaurants that your volunteers can enjoy. Have holiday or end-of-project celebrations and recognize these people for what they do for your organization. Most of them will appreciate anything you give them.


    1. #8. Offer advancement opportunities. Promotions may include volunteer or paid career positions.


Volunteer in Dar-es-salaam

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