Train from Dar-es-salaam to Mwanza


Train from Dar-es-salaam to Mwanza: Taking the train is a safe, pretty comfortable and above all, fascinating way to get around Tanzania! Dar es Salaam Central station is about 8 km (5 miles) from the Dar es Salaam Tazara station. New train introduced 2016 with comfortable cars, see photos below.  2nd class sleepers, restaurant, 2nd class seats, 3rd class seats.  Branded ‘deluxe’ by Tanzanian Railways.

Flag of Tanzania Mwanza, Tanzania

Mwanza or Rock city to the residents is a port city on the southern shore of Lake Victoria in north-western Tanzania. With a population of more than 800,000, it is Tanzania’s second largest city, after Dar es Salaam. Mwanza is the capital of the surrounding Mwanza Region, and is administratively divided into two municipal districts within that Region – Ilemela and Nyamagana.

Dar es Salaam ► Kigoma / Mwanza



 Train type:

Express* Ordinary Ordinary Ordinary Deluxe**


2nd & 3rd 1st, 2nd & 3rd class 3rd class 2nd & 3rd class 2nd & 3rd
0  Dar’ –  depart 08:00Thurs 21:00 Tue, Fri, Sun   –   – 16:00 Mon,Wed, Fri
?  Tanga     |     |   –   – ??:??  Mon,Wed, Fri
?  Moshi arrive     |     |   –   – 05:57 Tues,Thurs,Sat
465  Dodoma 20:00Thurs 05:50Wed, Sat, Mon   –   –   –
840  Tabora arrive 05:30 Fri 16:25Wed, Sat, Mon   –   –   –
840  Tabora depart 06:30 Fri 18:30Wed, Sat, Mon 17:00 Wed, Sat, Mon 21:00 Wed, Sat   –
1051  Mpanda arrive     |     |     | 10:30 Thurs, Sun   –
1220  Mwanza arrive     |     | 05:30 Thur, Sun, Tues     –   –
1256  Kigoma arrive 17:00 Fri 06:20Thur,Sun,Tues    –     –   –

Children under 6 free, but don’t get their own seat or berth.  Children under 14 half fare, with own seat or berth.

How to buy tickets…

You can (in theory) book online at  I have not yet had any feedback on whether this works and accepts overseas credit cards, but give it a go.  Remember that booking will open probably be days or weeks ahead, not months.  Alternatively, buy at the station or find a local travel agency.

Train from Dar-es-salaam to Mwanza

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