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What are the best options for travelling from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam. I need a safe option as we are two families travelling with kids too. We intend to pick up are vans in Dar es salaam and travel onward to cape town , south Africa. Only trouble is getting from Nairobi to dares salaam. Is it possible to get a coach tour that would include the sites of Kilimanjaro on the way?

Please advise!

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  1. There are few Options to take! You can take the shuttle in Nairobi, which also stops at the Nairobi airport, and that will take you into Arusha or Moshi Tanzania (about a 5 to 6 hour trip and you’ll cross the border). These are Coaster type 26 passenger buses. Cost will be about $35 each.
    Mt. Kilimanjaro is located at Moshi. Sometimes it’s difficult to see because of the clouds, according to the time of year.
    There are also buses which go between Nairobi and Arusha; You have many options for luxury couches, try Darlux I have used it and is very good. I would suggest Darlux as they have a better record of safety and maintenance.

    When you’re in either Arusha or Moshi you can take a bus to Dar es Salaam, they leave every morning. I would again suggest Marangu Express. I think the cost is about 35.000 TSH  and the luxury bus (which is air conditioned if it’s working and has a restroom on board) may be a bit over  35.000,000 TSH.
    You will pass right by Mt. Kilimanjaro (off to the left side of the bus) about 45 minutes out of Arusha. You will also go past the Pare and Usambara mountain ranges. The Pare mountains are perhaps 100 km past Mt. Kilimanjaro and will be off to the left side of the bus up to and around the town of Same. The Usambaras will be on further and in the area before you reach the town of Korogwe and Segera, again off to the left of the bus. You will also go past very large sisal farms on this road.
    Of course you can miss all of this and fly from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, I think the cost will be about $300 per person to fly, I’ve done this from Dar to Nairobi but not the other way. I think I remember the cost being that.

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