Volunteer in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania


Volunteer in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania: Taking time out to volunteer in Tanzania remains one of the best things that you can do on a gap year or career break. Not only will you be helping people and working with communities in Africa that need and appreciate your help, you will also grow as a person. The experiences that people take away from volunteering in Tanzania, are varied. From knowing that you have helped coach a sport or teach a child the alphabet, to the awesome experiences of going on safari, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and visiting Zanzibar, there is so much you can get out of an extended stay in Tanzania.

Tanzania is a prime example of what most people expect of Africa. The endless wilderness of the national parks with wild animals roaming their natural surroundings, the colorful Maasai people, and mountaintops from where you can spot the end of the world. Although these endless landscapes and wild animals are a reality, there is so much more to experience and discover when you volunteer in Tanzania. Another reality is that local communities need your support.

Besides being the safari destination, home to the Mount Kilimanjaro, and idyllic beaches, Tanzania also offers plenty of volunteer opportunities. Here a few interesting facts about Tanzania that may inspire you to pack your bags and volunteer abroad in Tanzania:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro has almost every type of ecosystem.
  • The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of the oldest ecosystems on the planet.
  • Tanzania plays a vital role in helping us understand our own evolution.

The volunteer Dar-es-salaam programs offer require support from volunteers to continue providing valuable support to communities. You can get involved in childcare and development, community development programs, animal welfare, medical internships in clinics and hospitals that are sorely underfunded and under resourced or women’s empowerment programs that make a massive impact on the lives of the women participating.

In Dar-es-salaam the people you come into contact will be eager to involve you in their world. You will need to use your initiative and judgment when volunteering here, but you will no doubt be touched by this fascinating country. You may also find your previously-held values have changed as a result of your stay here.

With volunteer programs starting from $150, this is a country where a little can go a long way. For those who are passionate about Africa and unfamiliar with Dar-es-salaam, investigate our programs to discover how you can make a difference today. (Volunteer in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania)


Volunteer in Dar-es-salaam

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