What to do in Selous game reserve?


What to do in Selous game reserve? During your Selous Safari Holiday there are a number of different activities you can engage in that will surely offer you a very memorable experience while in Africa (Tanzania – Dar-es-salaam) as highlighted below.

Walking Safaris

A safari in the Selous will not be considered complete unless you engage on one of the guided walking tours conducted here. You will get an opportunity to enjoy an up-close encounter with Mother Nature as you appreciate the beauty and serenity of this remote but beautiful reserve.

Bird Watching Tours

With a bird list of more thanĀ 400 bird species holidaymakers interested in bird watching will surely not be disappointed while in the Selous. these guided tours will give you an opportunity to see different species including the giant kingfishers, pink backed pelican, African skimmer, white-fronted bee-eater, fish eagle, carmine, ibises, white-crowned spur-winged plovers, palmnut vultures, purple-crested turaco, yellow-billed stork, trumpeter hornbill and malachite kingfishers among others. (What to do in Selous game reserve?)

Boat Safaris

Boat safaris in the selous offer holidaymakers and an opportunity to explore the different water channels including lakes, River Rufiji and the smaller channels during which you will see various wildlife including hippos, bird and crocodiles.

Game Drives

Game drives are conducted early in the morning as well as in the late afternoon and these are normally conducted in open roof safari cars to offer tourists the most rewarding views of the animals. The park ranger guides are very knowledgeable about the best places the animals and they will lead you to those places. (What to do in Selous game reserve?)

Selous Fly-Camping Tours

For the more adventurous holidaymakers, you can set out on the selous fly-camping safaris which are organized by a number of camps. These adventures involve sleeping out in the African wilderness in basic tents under a mosquito net. These adventures are more suited for tourists who can do without so much comfort.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

In Tanzania Hot Air Balloon Safaris are conducted only in the renowned Serengeti National Park found on the northern safari circuit as well as in the vast Selous Reserve in the southern part of the country offering visitors an aerial view of the plains below as you marvel at the different wild animals in the reserve.

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