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What currency do they use in Tanzania?

The official currency in Tanzania is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS). It’s illegal to purchase Tanzanian shillings outside of the country. Most tourist areas accept US dollars as payment (in fact, dollars are sometimes even preferred over the local currency). But please ensure your US dollars were issued after 2006, otherwise they won’t be accepted. Tipping in dollars is also welcomed.

In 2022, €1 equates to roughly 2,560 TSh, and $1 is roughly 2,315 TSh.

There are ATMs in most cities and towns, but these can be unreliable. Don’t expect to find ATMs in national parks. There’s usually a withdrawal limit of TZS 400,000 (around $170) per transaction at ATMs, and please note that the withdrawal fee on foreign cards can be hefty.

If you want to exchange any Tanzanian shillings back into dollars at the end of your trip, this will need to be done before you leave the country.

Tipping in Tanzania

Finally, please remember to bring cash along with you to tip when climbing Kilimanjaro or going on safari. Tipping on Kilimanjaro is expected, and so you should factor this into your budget before departing. It’s also customary to tip your safari guide – plan on $40 per car per day (so the more of you there are, the cheaper your contribution to the total tipping amount). You only tip at the end of a trip.

In fact, it’s worth noting that Tanzania has a strong tipping culture in general. There’s a communal tip box in all hotels and lodges, and the money is evenly distributed among staff. Wages are often not really sufficient, as it’s expected (and hoped) that one’s tips will bring up the total nicely.


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