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Work and residence Permit

Work and residence Permit

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Work and residence Permit

Work and residence permit in Dar-es-salaam or Tanzania in general:  If you are going to live and work in Tanzania, you will need a work permit and residence permit. While it isn’t the most straightforward process, your employer should be able to help you organise this. A tip from my own experience? Get your work permit sorted before moving to Tanzania and be aware that it could take several months to receive a decision.

You should always check what the current situation is with regards to working in Tanzania, as the government is in the process of changing immigration laws. Bureaucracy can be challenging here at times and recent trends seem to indicate tougher restrictions on expats working in Tanzania. Permits have drastically increased in price and there have also been talks about introducing a cap on how many times a visa can be renewed. So this is something to bear in mind when thinking about how long you wish to live in Tanzania.

There are three different classes of residence and work permits which you can apply for:

  • A: for foreign investors

  • B: for employees with special skills who have accepted a job for which no local Tanzanian could be found

  • C: for volunteers, missionaries, researchers, students, those seeking medical treatment, etc.


For Class B and C permits, you will need to provide your CV, referrals from previous employers, academic qualifications, a signed employment contract, passport (valid for at least a year) and passport photos along with your application forms.

If you are interested in investing in Tanzania, please see the Immigration Services Department website for a list of documents you will need to submit with your application.

There is also a ton of other information there (including costs) to assist with your application before moving to Tanzania. Although it’s always worthwhile checking things over with your employer, consulate, or lawyer first as I am not 100% confident that the website always has the most up-to-date info.

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